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For inquiries on our products or services, please use the contact form on the right. Or use the contact options mentioned below. Our customer services is available on business days from Monday to Friday between 09:30h - 17:30h.

We usually respond within 1-2 business days. In the unlikely event that you haven't received any feedback from us within 5 business days, please resend your request. Also don't forget to check your spamfolder before resending your request.



** Due to worldwide pandemic and how it might impact delivery times - see our page on COVID-19 **



If you have a complaint
Also for any complaint about the products in our webshop or with our services, we are more than happy to solve this for you. You will receive feedback from us within 5-10 business days. If you are not satisfied with the solution to your complaint, it is also possible to put your complaint to the European Commission for Online Dispute Resolutions (


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Frequently Asked Questions
1 Orders & Shipping
1.1 Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we also ship Worldwide - see Shipping & Returns for more info.


1.2 Do you also offer free shipping?

Yes, orders under 30 kg can be eligible for free shipping. Depending on the value of your order and the shipping destination, your cart will show if your order is eligible for free shipping or not.


1.3 What happens with my order?

After placing your order with us, the status of your order can be followed at any time with "My orders" in your account - see The Order status for more info.


1.4 What does "Ex Works" mean?

The Incoterms are the International Commercial Terms, which is an international trade agreement on how goods are to be transported between countries.

The "Ex Works" is part of Incoterms, which indicates the costs for transporting from factory.

1.5 I didn't create an account, how can I see the status of my order?

If you have ordered with us without creating an account first, please click on Forgot your password? If your e-mail address is known with us, you will receive an e-mail to set a password to view your order(s).


See The Order status for more info.

2 Products
2.1 Does it fit my vehicle?

For every product that has a specific vehicle compatibility, this is explicitly mentioned under 'Compatible with', 'Fitment' or alike. Otherwise the product is for GENERIC use, for every vehicle make/model. In case of the ORACLE LIGHTING products think of wheel rings, LED light pods, LED strips and such.

As always it's up to your own judgement if it will fit your specific vehicle (custom) model/version. In the world of customisation some vehicles can have very unique demands ;-)


2.2 How to install the carbon parts from Koshi Group?

Not all products from Koshi Group have installation instructions available. For the larger products we always recommend installation with professional bodyshops or experienced garages. When you're not comfortable doing the installation yourself, it's always best to get professional help or advice.

Carbon covers from Koshi Group are to be attached with either silicone glue or double-sided tape. In general this is true for all genuine carbon products in the aftermarket. Whereas the carbon covers are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen as apposed to the factory mass produced cheaper plastic options with clips.

Koshi Group recommends Black BodyWork Silicone Glue from 3M or Wurth for every product. Variants can be used and mostly differ only in reaction time. Depending on your preference in some cases, 3M VHB thin double sided tape (e.g. 3M VHB Tape 5906 with only 0.15 mm thickness) can be used for smaller carbon covers like key covers and steering wheel pieces. Although glue is always the best way to go for a real tight fit, of course.

In case of key covers that cover the battery compartment, it is recommended to use either small dots separately on the key cover for attachment or very thin VHB tape from 3M. So whenever the battery needs to be changed (usually not very often), it is possible by means of careful prying with a thin (preferably plastic) screwdriver to detach the glue.

Please also see the following videos and instructions in our webshop for installation examples:


2.3 Oracle ColorSHIFT app is not working

With some products, like e.g. the Oracle ColorSHIFT Underbody Wheel Well Rock Light Kit the Oracle ColorSHIFT app is advised. It is possible that in certain cases this app isn't work properly. Oracle Lighting is aware of this and is working on an update. No ETA can be given yet.

For the moment you can also use the "Happy Lighting" app:

For more help and support, also see the Support & Resources from Oracle Lighting.


3 Pricing
3.1 How competitive is your pricing?

Our pricing is very competitive in the market. Every manufacturer has its own MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price) which we need to respect. Overall our pricing is lower than MSRP.

Next to that, we don't charge any additional costs within the EU. Also delivery outside of EU is free of VAT. Please consider the following additional ('hidden') costs when buying across EU borders yourself:

  • Custom Duties will always charge you with extra (clearance) fees and import taxes - the amount of which depends on the type of product (electronics, car parts etc.). This is calculated over the original invoice value and its shipping costs. We don't charge you for that, the final price in our webshop is all inclusive.

  • Next to that the regular VAT will be added when you import yourself. Also the shipping costs involved are usually pretty steep when crossing EU borders. In our webshop the VAT is already added during checkout and in general we have lower shipping costs.

  • Currency exchange rates can raise the actual costs. We don't charge you for that, the final price in our webshop is all inclusive.

  • National postal service may charge you for additional administrative costs when importing yourself. We don't have hidden costs, the final price in our webshop is all inclusive.


Note: for B2B with a valid VAT number, the VAT will be shifted when shipping outside of NL.


3.2 What does "Costs for 'Ex Works' included" mean?

It is only for the larger products that cannot be checked out directly - and with 'shipping costs on request' mentioned with the product - that additional costs4 possibly may apply ("Ex Works"). Because of the usually higher shipping costs involved with these larger products, this is true with every webshop.

The "Ex Works" concerns mainly products from Japan and the larger products from the other brands, such as the products from Specials. Also wherever these costs are already included in the product's price, this is explicitly mentioned with the product it concerns.

The "Ex Works" is part of Incoterms, which indicates the costs for transporting from factory. The Incoterms are the International Commercial Terms, which is an international trade agreement on how goods are to be transported between countries.

4) In some cases it is possible to deliver straight from factory (drop shipping), which can reduce the actual shipping costs - but this is only useful when the shipping address is close to the country of our brand's location. We advice customers outside of the EU to contact us first for a possible drop shipping. Note that due to tax regulations drop shipping is not possible into the EU.

4 Contact us
4.1 I have another question

Please use the contactform on this page for any other question and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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Official dealer in EU for offered brands
Lowest prices in the market
Worldwide shipping
Excellence in Customer care