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For any inquiry on products or current orders, please use the contact options below or fill out the contact form (see right). We will do our best to answer you as soon as possible. Please be patient, it is possible that we are very busy in our webshop, which could delay our feedback. But if you haven't heard back from us within 3 days, then just resend your request.


Business address:


FXbrands B.V.

Beechavenue 54-62
1119 PW Schiphol-Rijk
The Netherlands


phone: +31 (0)20 658 6196
e-mail: [email protected]


CoC: 71350624
VAT: NL8586.81.158.B01
IBAN: NL14 RABO 0329 2432 17


Frequently Asked Questions
1 Shipping
1.1 Do you also ship worldwide?

Yes, we do. For destination addresses without a delivery method (e.g. outside of EU), please do the following:


  • Send in an e-mail requesting us for a quote, specifying the item(s)+options you're interested in, together with your delivery address;


OR   (create an account with us first, if you haven't got one yet):


  • Log in, shop around and simply add the item(s)+options you're interested in to your Cart (or on your Wishlist by pressing the little ♡). Then send in a ticket via 'My Account', requesting us for a quote for these item(s), together with your delivery address (if different from your registered address).


Note: for non-EU customers NO VAT will be added to your invoice.


1.2 What is 'incoterms' and 'ex works'?

(RK Design only)

Some countries, like Japan, have very steep exporting costs, which influence our buy-in considerably. And can't be ignored unfortunately. We rather have these costs made clear than to simply increase our product pricing. For this reason we follow the so-called Incoterms (international Commercial Terms). This means that we deliver the products from RK Design according to the delivery terms of "Ex Works" (which is part of Incoterms, see for more info).


Meaning that additional costs for exporting from the manufacturing factory in Japan (to our warehouse) are required. This is only true for products in backorder. Products in stock have no additional exporting costs.


At the moment this is not yet incorporated into the offered shipping methods at checkout, but payment will be required with an additional invoice to the product invoice. This will be sent after the initial invoice. It's best to inquire with us about these costs for a specific order/product beforehand. This can be done via e-mail or a message from your account in the webshop.


Note: These steep costs are no exception and required for anyone ordering directly from Japan. However FXbrands offers a standard discount of 10% on the additional exporting costs (in addition to occasional sale promotions!). In some cases we can also offer drop shipping from the manufacturer directly, if this is more cost effective.


1.3 Do you also have free shipping?

Yes, orders under 30 kg are eligible for free shipping. This depends on the value of your order and its shipping destination. When applicable, this will show up in your cart.


2 Products
2.1 Does it fit my car?

For every product that has a specific vehicle compatibility, this is explicitly mentioned under 'Compatible with', 'Fitment' or alike. Otherwise the product is for GENERIC use, for every vehicle make/model. Think of wheel rings, LED light pods, LED strips and such.

As always it's up to your own judgement if it will fit your specific vehicle (custom) model/version. In the world of customisation some vehicles can have very unique demands ;-)


2.2 How competitive is your pricing?

The short answer is that our pricing is VERY competitive. Every manufacturer has its own MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price) which we need to respect. Our pricing is either equal to or even lower than the MSRP. Next to that, we also don't charge any additional costs within the EU (see below).

Consider the following additional ('hidden') costs when buying across EU borders yourself:

  • Custom Duties will always charge you with extra (clearance) fees and import taxes - the amount of which depends on the type of product (electronics, car parts etc.). This is calculated over the original invoice value and its shipping costs.

  • Next to that the regular VAT will be added. Also the shipping costs themselves are usually pretty steep when crossing EU borders.

  • Currency exchange rates.

  • And sometimes also the postal service (local to your country, like PostNL) will charge additional handling costs.


The costs of Custom Duties and VAT, will always be invoiced via the transporting company. People usually don't realise this and get surprised by that additional invoice afterwards.

However with FXbrands customers in the EU don't need to worry about any of these 'hidden' costs. Only shipping costs and VAT will be added to your invoice. That's it. Also in most cases our shipping costs are lower than shipping from across the EU. And occasionally we also offer free shipping within the EU, depending on the value of your order.

Note: for non-EU customers NO VAT will be added to your invoice.


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Official dealer for all offered brands
Exclusive brands for quality
Shipping in Europe and Worldwide
Original manufacturer guarantee and service