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Loyalty Program

FXbrands values her customers and for this we have introduced the Loyalty Program. Now you can earn loyalty points for rewards such as discounts or free products!


How does the Loyalty Program work?

For every (net) euro you spend with us on products you earn loyalty points: 1 euro = 1 loyalty point. For example, if you buy a product for €66 (excl. VAT), you will earn 66 loyalty points.

For every product you add to your cart, the number of loyalty points to be earned will show up in there. After your order has been shipped, the loyalty points earned will show up in your account1 (this may take a few minutes to actualise in your account).

If you have saved up enough loyalty points for one or more rewards, these loyalty points can then be used with your next purchase.


How can you sign up for the Loyalty Program?

Every newly registered customer with a valid phonenumber will automatically join the Loyalty Program. Existing customers first need to verify their phonenumber. This can easily be done by going into your account, then select "Reward" from the left menu to verify your phonenumber (you are not getting phoned for this).

And by joining the free Loyalty Program you will earn 25 loyalty points immediately!


What rewards are you saving for?

We have quite a few interesting rewards available, such as discounts or free products. In time we may extend these with new rewards. To see which rewards are currently available, just go into your account and click on "Rewards" from the left menu.

Next to the regular rewards we also offer you a free gift2 on your birthday (when supplied to us). You will receive a one-time additional 10 loyalty points just by registering your birthdate with us!

We even have a little gift2 for you on your 'Sign-Up for the Loyalty Program' anniversary' ;)


Write a product Review (bonus)

In addition of earning loyalty points via purchases and anniversaries, you can also earn loyalty points by writing a review for the product(s) you have recently bought with us. Mind you, no cheating, you really need to have bought that product with us and installed or used it (how else could you review it, right?).

Go to the specific product page(s) and click on the button "ADD YOUR REVIEW" to add your review. After your review has been approved, the loyalty points are then added to your account3.

Per approved review your are rewarded with 15 loyalty points!


How can you redeem loyalty points for a reward?

If you have saved up enough loyalty points for one or more rewards, these can then be used with your next purchase on your account. The list of rewards available to you will show up during checkout. Only rewards for which you have enough loyalty points earned, will show up here. You may choose one reward per purchase.

If you wish to select the reward for a free product, then please make sure that product is in your cart before selecting the appropriate reward during checkout.


Becoming a VIP

By reaching 5000 loyalty points, this will earn you the VIP status. For every euro spent, instead of 1 loyalty point, you will now receive 1.5 loyalty points. This will make you earn loyalty points even faster and enable additional rewards (when available).


1) For adding loyalty points to your account, you need to be logged in with your account first before making the purchase.
2) One-time rewards are to be redeemed within one month.
3) Your account needs to be registered with the Loyalty Program for this to work - also the product must have been bought previously on your account.

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Official dealer for all offered brands
Lowest prices in the market
Worldwide shipping
Excellence in Customer care