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Shipping & Returns


  1. Shipping methods
  2. Worldwide shipping
  3. Remote areas
  4. Shipping times
  5. Delivery times for backorders
  6. "Ex Works"
  7. Returns


Shipping methods

The following options are available for delivery1:

  • PostNL (standard) - international shipping done via local (national) shipping partners
  • DHL Parcel2
  • DPD Home2
  • Express delivery (UPS or DHL)3

No VAT will be added to the invoice for companies with a valid VAT number (outside NL) or non-EU customers.
2) Additional shipping method will show up at checkout when available for your destination.
3) Express delivery can only be chosen when requested by e-mail (see also Worldwide shipping below).

Each shipping is insured and can be followed with a track & trace code.


Worldwide shipping

We ship throughout Europe and also Worldwide. All available delivery methods for the specified destination address are automatically offered during checkout. Don't worry if no or not your (preferred) method of shipping is offered, because we can still deliver the order to you.

Please do the following:

  • Send us a request by e-mail to get a shipping quote for your order - mention the product(s) you're interested in, together with your delivery address (and your preferred method of shipping if you so wish);


  • Log in with your account (create an account if you haven't got one yet);
  • Drop the products you're interested in your Cart or put them on your Wishlist by pressing the little ♡ on top.
  • Request for a shipping quote of the products in your Cart or on your Wishlist - either by e-mail or by creating a ticket via 'My Account'. If you so wish, also mention your preferred method of shipping.


Remote areas (applies to "DHL Parcel" and "DPD Home" only)

During checkout additional shipping methods with DHL Parcel or DPD Home may be offered next to the standard shipping method (when available for your destination). These shipping methods each have surcharges for so-called remote areas and are defined by zipcodes:

  • DHL Parcel (remote areas)

    • additional costs (tariff 2020): €19,25

  • DPD Home (remote areas)

    • additional costs (tariff 2020)
      NL €7,50 
      DK €8,50 
      DE €11,50 
      EE, FI, GR, IT, HR €19,50 
      FR €18,50 
      NO €60,00 
      PT €49,00 
      ES €32,00 
      GB, Northern Ireland €19,00 
      SW €10,00 

As it is not possible during checkout to automatically detect whether your specific destination address is within a remote area or not, we may have to change your chosen additional shipping method to the standard shipping method - in which case the difference in shipping costs will be credited back to your account. Depending on how much these surcharges are in relation to the size of your order, we may take these costs on for you.

In case we do need to change your chosen additional shipping method to the standard one, you will always be informed by e-mail first. At which pont you are given the option to have the standard delivery or pay for the surcharges, thereby keeping the additional shipping method of your choice.


Shipping times (esp. for Worldwide shipping & UK)

Actual shipping times may differ per shipping method and can take 1-4 weeks. Shipping via (national) shipping partners (PostNL) usually takes the longest, but is also the more economic option. Express delivery (UPS, DHL or DPD) have their own network and shipping time is usually the shortest, but more expensive.

Delivery can be tracked with the supplied "track & trace" code sent to you by e-mail when the order has been shipped out. When sent via PostNL, you may also receive an additional "track & trace" code from the local network partner of PostNL if available.

Please be aware that, especially with shipping Worldwide, Customs Duty may withhold your parcel for at least 30 days, this is to be counted from the moment it has been received by Customs Duty (note: arrival at Customs Duty does not always show up as a status via your "track & trace" code, only after clearance by Customs Duty). Thereby extending the delivery to a possible 8 weeks (in worst case). Although this rarely happens, please be patient for your order to arrive.

Also note the following information from PostNL for shipping to the UK (post Brexit):
"As of 1 January 2021, shipments to the United Kingdom will have a longer transmission time than you are used to. This is because shipments to the UK will need to pass through customs. On average, shipments to the UK take 7 days to arrive and customs clearance can take from 1-4 weeks."
In any case, we always keep an eye out to your shipment as well.
** Whenever in doubt or when you have questions about your delivery, please contact us via a ticket or a reply e-mail on your order confirmation. Or contact us via e-mail at [email protected] **


Delivery times for backorders (scheduled versus actual)

For backorders the actual delivery time (includes time for production and shipping to our depot) can sometimes be shorter than scheduled, such as mentioned with the product. This is possible due to the production window with the manufacturer, in which we are still able to bring in new backorders before this window closes. However this possibility does depend on the type and number of products in the new backorders, as well as the current stock supply with the manufacturer. Some products simply require more production time than others.

This does not apply to every manufacturer though, but in general it does so for the carbon products from Koshi Group.

After placing your (back)order with us, the status of your order can be followed at any time with "My orders" in your account - see The Order status for more info.


"Ex Works"

For shipping the actual delivery is always from our depot to the shipping address. This is true for all of our products in the webshop that can be checked out.

It is only for the larger products that cannot be checked out directly - and with 'shipping costs on request' mentioned with the product - that additional costs4 possibly may apply ("Ex Works"). Because of the usually higher shipping costs involved with these larger products, this is true with every webshop.

The "Ex Works" concerns mainly products from Japan and the larger products from the other brands, such as the products from Specials. Also wherever these costs are already included in the product's price, this is explicitly mentioned with the product it concerns.

The "Ex Works" is part of Incoterms, which indicates the costs for transporting from factory. The Incoterms are the International Commercial Terms, which is an international trade agreement on how goods are to be transported between countries.

4) In some cases it is possible to deliver straight from factory (drop shipping), which can reduce the actual shipping costs - but this is only useful when the shipping address is close to the country of our brand's location. We advice customers outside of the EU to contact us first for a possible drop shipping. Note that due to tax regulations drop shipping is not possible into the EU.



Products with a manufacturing defect can always be returned for a swap or a fix by the manufacturer. Overall we are flexible and look at it per individual situation - also taking into account the manufacturer's rules for returning items. The final decision for a partial or full refund, when applicable, will be made after close inspection of the returned product at our depot.

Returned products need to be in pristine condition and free of any sign of usage. Return shipping will be at the consumer's own expense and risk, unless it involves a swap or a fix due to a manufacturing defect. Refunds will be done via the payment method used to pay the order.

Do note that certain "made to order" products are excluded from returning and a refund (see Terms & Conditions art. 9 to 11).

Return shipping must be done to our depot:


FXbrands B.V.

Oderweg 1
1043 AG Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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