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Koshi Group - A Brief Introduction

Koshi Group - A Brief Introduction

Exclusive carbon products from Kosovo


is an innovative manufacturer of exclusive carbon fiber parts for the automotive industry, founded in 2006 in Italy. Driven by passion and expertise, they are obsessed with perfection. Each carbon fiber part designed by Koshi Group is crafted with dedication and care, adding the highest quality and strength to their products. All with the following features:

  • Pre-preg Carbon Fiber material (using Delta-Preg, the exact same supplier of FERRARI and LAMBORGHINI)
  • Cured with Autoclave technology (140°C – 6 bar)
  • High gloss clear coating for a durable, long lasting finish (PPG-D880) and Ceramic clear coat (PPG-D8122)
  • Quality control guaranteed for precise fit

The filosophy by Koshi Group:

"We believe every part we design, create and install should always be Elegant, Functional and Unique, enhancing the originality of the vehicle, making it more desirable - setting it apart from the rest."

"Our accomplishments in the unique design and manufacture of interior and exterior details have made KOSHI today a worldwide leader in the aftermarket for the Italian car ranges of Alfa Romeo and Abarth. We continuously get great feedback from our clients and dealers regarding the quality, finiture and fittings of our products."



Why choose for carbon from Koshi Group?

In the (after)market there is also some cheaper carbon fiber available, by means of the so-called "wet" method. The "wet" carbon fiber is certainly cheaper, but this kind of carbon has its drawbacks as we will explain below. Like everything in life, all quality has its price. With the products from Koshi Group you are guaranteed to get the highest quality of carbon fiber parts, by means of the dry carbon method and with first grade, professional pre-preg materials.


Dry (pre-preg) carbon vs wet carbon

Dry carbon fiber (Pre-preg carbon) is formed by using a pre-preg or impregnated piece of carbon fiber materials. This piece of carbon fiber is first placed into a mold, and then into a sealed vacuum to be properly cured. This particular method creates the least amount of waste and forms a lighter version of carbon fiber than the “wet” method. The vacuuming process of making dry carbon fiber means that there are fewer pinholes and almost no air pockets that form in the carbon. Dry carbon fiber is the highest quality version of carbon fiber products that are produced. However, it's more expensive to produce than its counterpart.

Pros (dry carbon):

  • 60% Lighter and significantly stronger
  • Superior manufacturing process
  • Uses a dry finish for enhancing its cosmetic appearance

Wet carbon fiber uses a different method of manufacturing. In this process, the carbon fiber is laid out by hand into a mold using a dry cloth. Then a mixture of two parts resin, one part carbon is put together and applied on the cloth before being placed inside a bag and heated in a vacuum. Due to this method, carbon fiber weaves are far more affordable. However, wet carbon fiber is subject to having more air bubbles which can create weaknesses and wavy fiber weaves. Because it is far less expensive to create carbon fiber using the wet method, most cheaper carbon fiber parts are created “wet”.

Pros (wet carbon):

  • Far cheaper to produce, meaning a less expensive product

Cons (wet carbon):

  • Weaker and heavier than its dry counterpart
  • Will fade unless properly maintained






FXBRANDS is very proud of being able to offer you the exclusive carbon products from Koshi Group. All their products are made with beautiful taste and an artistic eye for detail. Hereby delivering high quality with each and every product.

We invite you to shop for these beautiful products in our webshop.


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Official dealer in EU for offered brands
Lowest prices in the market
Worldwide shipping
No import taxes for EU customers